Welcome to the Friends of John Buchan School

Friends of John Buchan School

Friends of John Buchan School is the school's parent/teacher association committee. Everyone who is connected to the school can automatically become a member; there are no joining requirements!

The committee is made up of school staff, parents and pupils, who work together to plan, organise and run events in order to raise money for our school fund. The proceeds of this fund are used for the benefit of the pupils in the school; this can be through providing our pupils with additional games and activities to be used at break times; to subsidise trips and pay for treats.

We hold regular meetings, the dates of which are published in the school newsletter where we share ideas and plan for events and activities for the future. The pupils' committee is run within the school day and the adult committee tends to be run after school to fit in with work and other commitments for volunteers.

As well as raising money for the pupils, the Friends of John Buchan School Committee provide opportunities for everybody to take part in events as a whole community and raise the profile of the school within the garrison community, therefore it is a very important part of school life. Pupils are encouraged to be very 'hands on' during events, giving them the opportunity to showcase and put into practise our school values in real life situations. 

We are always keen to welcome new members to our committee; if you would like to be part of Friends of John Buchan, please contact Mrs Claire Malone via the school office contact number.

We look forward to seeing you soon.