Values Education




At John Buchan School it is our aim to raise standards and improve behaviour and conduct by promoting a school ethos which is underpinned by core values. These values support the development of the whole child as a reflective learner within a calm, caring, happy and purposeful atmosphere. A shared set of values within the school will promote a positive environment in which children can make progress academically, socially and emotionally.

Instilling positive values within each child will help them cope with the challenges of later life.



At the heart of our mission, lies a determination to develop our children as fully rounded individuals. Sets of values underpin any group of people, from a family unit through to a whole nation and these values give members of a group common ideals to follow and aspire to. We believe that establishing a set of core values will engender the true community spirit of our school. This will have a positive impact on our children's attitude to learning which will result in an improvement in standards.


 Our core values in John Buchan are:

Respect, Empathy, Tolerance, Resilience, Integrity and Perseverance.

Our linked values are:

Respect - Co-operation, friendship and reflection

Empathy - Compassion, forgiveness and thoughtfulness

Tolerance - Unity, forgiveness and thoughtfulness

Resilience - responsibility, courage and leadership

Integrity - Selflessness, courage and honesty

Perseverance - ambition, being positive  and commitment 

A core value is launched in the first assembly at the beginning of each half term. The subsequent assemblies explore the core theme further as well as the other linked values.

Members of staff in school regularly refer to the school values during lessons and when exploring other aspects such as behaviour with pupils.