Science Quality Award

 Primary Science Quality Mark - "Gold" Award

John Buchan School was one of the first two schools within SCE to receive a Primary Science Quality Mark Award. We were awarded the highest level gold award for demonstrating a level of science provision above and beyond standard requirements.

 A presentation was held at John Buchan School, chaired by Andrew Thompson, science consultant for SCE. Andrew said: ‘Today is about recognising the great achievement of these two SCE schools through their drive, determination and professional co-ordination. It has been a long process and a lot of hard work but seeing the pupil’s enthusiasm and knowing that the impact has gone further afield to other schools has made it very worthwhile.’


Dr Mark Whalley, Head of Science said: ‘The school philosophy has always been to self evaluated and be as good as we can. It has taken two years to develop our science provision to a standard that I believe is second to none. The children have given us feedback that science lessons are fun and that is w hat it is all about, hard work and big smiles. I consider myself very lucky to have such an incredible team of class teachers to work alongside, who put in a vast amount of effort. As a middle school were also extremely fortunate to have our own labs, for a nine year old to be able to learn to use Bunsen burners and experience the excitement of real experiments is fantastic. This whole process has elevated science in this school and within SCE in general.’