Research Websites

Research Websites

 Year 8

BBC - Schools - KS3 Bitesize - Science - Chemistry
Periodic Table
SCIENCE-Chemistry Revision Quiz
Geography (Japan)
Aspects of Japan

Literacy (Witches & Witchcraft)
Year 7
Thomas Beckett
BBC - Radio 4 - This Sceptred Isle - Murder in the Cathedral
History Learning Site
The Murder of Thomas Becket, 1170
Thomas Becket - Year 7 -
Thomas Becket
Peasants Revolt
BBC - Radio 4 This Sceptred Isle - Richard II, Wat Tyler and the Peasants' Revolt
Conflagration - The Peasants Revolt - Part 1 - The Fire is Laid
Medieval Period Politics - Wat Tyler and the peasants' revolt
Peasants Revolt
Native Americans
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet - WWWVL American Indians
Learn History - Native Indians of North America
Native American Home Pages
Native Americans - American Indians - The First People of America; History of Native American Tribes
Medieval Church
Medieval churches and monasteries in England
The Medieval Church
King John & Magna Carta
BBC - History - Richard I (1157 - 1191)
History Learning Site
King John - Year 7 -
King John
The National Archives Research, education & online exhibitions Treasures from The National Archives Magna Carta

Year 6


Year 5

Literacy (Robin Hood)
Robin Hood - Nottinghamshire County Council
The Robin Hood Legend information site, and read about the famous characters likeAlan A Dale,Friar Tuck,Robin Hood,Nottingham,W
The Search for A Real Robin Hood

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