Parents' Pages

Dear Parent

I am delighted to welcome you and your child to John Buchan School. We firmly believe that children achieve more when the school and the parents work together.  This website and the school prospectus has been designed to help you understand the school’s routines, aims and values and to clarify our expectations of pupils. Please take time to read the booklet with your child.  It is important that they feel confident and understand how the school operates. Your child’s success will be greater if they see that you are interested in their work and are willing to take an active part in the life of the school.

We want every pupil to enjoy their time at the school and to experience success.  They will succeed if they try their best at all times, in work and play, and by asking for help when they are not sure of something.  Equally if something is causing them concern and stopping them from enjoying school they should share this with their class teacher, who will try to resolve the problem with them.

If you or your child have any questions relating to the school’s routines or our plans for your child’s education please ask, we will endeavor to clarify the situation.

I hope that we will have a successful partnership and that your child’s time at John Buchan School will be one that they look back on with pride and fondness.




Please click the following link to the Ofsted Parents View Survey  OPVS