House Captains

School House System

At John Buchan School we run a House system. The House names are selected by the pupils each year and this year our pupils have chosen the names: Juliet, Bravo and Sierra (JBS).  Pupils work within their House community to take part in a range of competitions and events in order to try to gain points to move their House into the lead position on the House table. Recent House events and competitions have included: a writing competition; inter-House sporting events and the much loved JBS Bake Off challenge. Points are also gained for each House through our school merit system.

When pupils arrive at the school they are allocated into a House group. Pupils are given a House badge which reflects their House colour and enables them to identify with other pupils who are in the same House.

House Captains and Vice- House Captains  are selected at the beginning of each school year. It is the House Captain and Vice-Captain's  role to not only enthuse others in the House to take part in the House events but also to be a role model for other members of the House in embodying all of our school values.