John Buchan School Principles for Assessment

Assessment is undergoing a period of review in the light of the New National Curriculum.

At JBS we have a long established assessment model which has successfully met the needs of our pupils. We apply both summative and formative assessment methods to inform us of pupils progress and ways to close gaps in their understanding so that pupils are making at least expected progress.

We understand the important role that assessment plays in a child's transition from one school to another, and how crucial it is to ensure that assessment information is used to inform their next steps in learning and that no time is lost.

We will ensure that:

  • Assessment is used to plan next steps in learning for all pupils.
  • Assessment is fair, inclusive and free from bias.
  • Assessment is open, honest and transparent.
  • Assessment secures high expectations for all.
  • Assessment is appropriate to age, task and desired information.
  • Assessment is accurate and consistent.
  • Assessment supports comparison with other schools, both locally and nationally.
  • Assessment outcomes provide meaningful and understandable information for pupils, parents and school staff.