Admissions from our partner schools in September

Most of the students, who join us in Year 5, come from our feeder first schools, Bishopspark School in Paderborn and Attenborough School in Sennelager.  We maintain a close relationship with all of our partner schools.  


In the summer months, all Year 4 students joining us from Bishopspark School and Attenborough School make a familiarisation visit, before joining us for a half ‘taster’ day in July. There is also a compulsory parents evening where they can view the school and meet tutors.


Admissions process- students coming from UK schools.

Important - Please Read

The school is able to issue a Certificate of Educational Clearance during working days only.  Please ensure you apply for your child's place in John Buchan School in time, as a Certificate of Educational Clearance may not be issued during school holidays.

Please aim to send in your child's admission forms by Monday 11th June for a September start.  If your child has additional medical or Special Educational Needs, a MASO may need to take place before an Educational Clearance can be considered.  Any admissions after this date, which require a MASO, may result in children not receiving an Educational Clearance for a September start.

In order to ensure your child(ren) are allocated a school place as quickly as possible it is important that you complete the following process.


Contact Mrs Claire Drakeford the mobility coordinator to inform her of your posting. You will be asked to give permission for us to contact your child(ren)s current school and obtain information about them. You will need to complete the MOD application form and return it to the school.


Your child(ren)s current school will need to complete a Pupil Information Profile (PIP).


A place cannot be allocated until we have received both of these documents. It is only possible for us to allocate a place for your child(ren) if we can met their needs. For the vast majority of children this is a very straight forward process and a certificate of educational clearance will be issued to you within a matter of days. Once this has been issued you can contact the school to arrange a visit for a school tour.


Children with additional needs

For some children with additional needs the process may take slightly longer.  If your child has any involvement from outside agencies such as; Health Care Professionals, CAMHS, Social services or an Educational Health Care Plan, a Statement of Educational Need or a Co-ordinated support Plan or speech and language therapy an MOD Assessment of Suitability Overseas (MASO) will need to be completed.  If you are not already registered with Children’s Education and Advice service (CEAS) you will need to do so immediately. A leaflet explaining the MASO process can be found below.


·         MOD Assessment of Supportability Overseas (MASO)


This process may take 6-8 weeks and a place cannot be allocated until it has been completed; hence the need to contact the school as soon as you know about your posting.  



Information the school requires

• Permission to contact current schools- confirmed by e-mail to

• Information concerning SEN or additional support for a disability

• Information concerning any health care plan

• Social services involvement

• CAMHS involvement.



• Claire Drakeford – Mobility Coordinator 0049 5254 982 5428

• E-mail


• CEAS 0044 (0)1980 618 244